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Frequently asked questions

When does my service start?

Our routes are optimized around your trash pickup days to ensure that your bins are empty for optimal service. We will schedule your service for the next available trash pickup day following your registration date.

Is same-day service available?

Same-day service is unfortunately not available. Our routes are optimized to provide top-quality services for all of our clients and therefore cannot deviate from our routes for same-day cleanings.

How often are my trash bins cleaned?

Services are scheduled based on your selected plan. Monthly plans include 1 cleaning per month. Quarterly plans will include 1 cleaning every 12 weeks.

What if I forgot to put my bins out?

If you forget to put your bins out, we will attempt to reschedule your service for the following week.

Do you service on holidays?

Our service is dependent on pickup times set by your local waste management companies. If they are not operating on holidays, then your trash bins will not be emptied and therefore we will not be able to service your location. We will adjust our schedules to account for such changes.

How do I change my billing info?

You can update your billing information at any time by logging in to your Customer Portal . If you require additional assistance please contact us through the form below or find our contact information on our Contact Page.

Why are bins not washed the same day as trash day?

Local waste management companies have multiple pick-up times for different services. For example, garbage might be picked up in the morning while recycling isn’t picked up until the late afternoon. To avoid having conflicting issues, we schedule your cleaning for the day after to ensure that all of your bins will be empty for our service. 

What areas do you service?

Grossbusters proudly services the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas including Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, The Village, and Nichols Hills.